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Combining singer/songwriter passion with the precision of electronic music, Berlin’s Dillon — aka Dominique Dillon de Byington — began making music when she was still in her teens. She first made a name for herself when she posted homemade performance videos on YouTube that gained an online following and ultimately led to her first show in Cologne in 2007. From

Think green! Eat green!

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The choices we make about what we eat each day really can have some major environmental consequences. It’s easy to forget about the energy, water, chemicals and effort used to produce everyday food items like chocolate bars, soft drink or a packet of chips. Not to mention the fuel burnt getting these items to you. Here are a few ideas

Rules to Eat By

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Every trip to the supermarket these days requires us to navigate what has become a truly treacherous food landscape. I mean, what are we to make of a wonder of food science like the new Splenda with fiber? (“The great sweet taste you want and a little boost of fiber.”) Should we call this progress? Is it even food? And

The Holistic Benefits of Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

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There are poses in yoga that benefit almost all the body systems. Camels Pose is one of them. Do it the right way and it will bring you lots of benefits on physical, mental and emotional levels. How to do Sit on knees, make sure your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and your knees are a hip-width apart. Check

Girls just wanna have fun!

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IT ALL BEGAN WITH A VERY DRAMATIC ENTRANCE The first recorded roller skate inventor, John Joseph Merlin, originally of Belgium, decided to debut his metal-wheeled roller skates at a fancy masquerade party in London in 1760. Merlin’s plan was to suavely skate into the salon while simultaneously playing a violin. Unfortunately, Merlin hadn’t practiced skating much prior to the soiree,

Summer is coming. Did you ever think of traveling alone?

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While traveling with friends or a significant other can be a lot of fun, traveling solo for a certain amount of time can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do because of the great people you’ll meet. When we travel with friends or a partner, we tend to stick to that little group of familiar

Blueberries! Healthy smoothie bowl receipt! You should try it!

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Fresh or frozen, these tiny “superfruits” pack a big antioxidant punch. Or better yet, a flurry of punches: Studies suggest that eating blueberries regularly can help improve everything from memory and motor skills to blood pressure and metabolism. (Wild blueberries, in particular, have one of the highest concentrations of the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins.) Blueberries are also lower in